Marriage SOS: 10 Ways To Know You Are With Someone Who Truly Loves You!

Life is pretty tricky when it comes to trying to pick a good mate or companion.  People can portray a certain personality in the very beginning, but allow that same personality to die… Continue reading

Why Your Relationship Failed. Part2

You did not love them or They did not love you! Now I know that is a very harsh statement, but it is reality.  If you take a great look at the type… Continue reading

Victorious Minded!

Life happens to everyone and everyone has a different life course or direction they must endure and travel. Believing that you are the only man on the island is an illusion of the… Continue reading

Facing Your Miracles

by Motivational Speaker Jennifer Hopson @ In a life that is clearly filled with many twists and valleys, one may find him or herself enveloping traits or behaviors that was once not… Continue reading

13 Reasons You Are Failing At Relationships!

Being single can come with great rewards, privileges, and challenges. If you are someone who desires to have companionship and you keep wondering why you are meeting the same type of individual, receiving… Continue reading

Sacrificing for Greatness! Doing What Needs To Be Done To Create Your Reality! Mar 15, 2016

A young woman recently inquired, “How do you do all that you do with so little time in the day?” I shared with her … “Sacrifice”. Sometimes you have to sacrifice one thing for… Continue reading

Smiling Can Save Your Life! 5 Reasons to Smile More!

Smiling Can Save Your Life! 5 Reasons to Smile More! Life definitely comes with many challenges and experiences that are nothing to laugh about. But did you know smiling your way through those… Continue reading

Your Marriage or Your Job

Life gives us a number of opportunities on our journey. Beautiful opportunities in fact … if you are the type of individual to take hold and pursue. Sometimes the exhilarating amount of opportunities… Continue reading


Everyone deserves grace.  The single mother who is struggling and caring for the home. The child who is growing and needs guidance from his or her mistakes. The employee who is feeling stressed… Continue reading

Bitter Or Better? Which Will You Be?

The funny thing about life, is that we all will have experiences that will challenge us greatly. If you have not figured it out as of yet, life is an enormous test. A… Continue reading

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